9.0 Crop- Small Livestock production systems.


At the end of this session farmers should be able to: Understand the co-existence between crops and livestock Improve outputs from their crops and livestock enterprises by making use of the relationship between crops and livestock
  • Integrated crop-livestock production systems explain the inter-dependence between crops and livestock that is each benefiting from the other. 
  • For most small scale and marginalized farmers, crops and livestock are often the major sources of income. 
  • These products are often disposed of during times of need where cash is needed urgently to provide for other services. 
  • Integrated systems can increase farm productivity for most resource poor farmers.

Crop –livestock Interaction

Benefits of Livestock to CropsBenefits of Crops to Livestock
 Sold to procure crop production inputs  Crops sold to procure inputs for livestock
 Supply of manure for crop production  Provide feed.
 Nitrogen supply through urine. Produce Oxygen used by livestock
 Livestock helps balance ecosystems through foraging Use of crop residues as bedding and roofing material.
  Help in seed dispersal of certain crop and grasses  
 Insurance against of crop failure