3.0 Goat Breeds


 At the end of this session farmers should be able to:

  • Identify the breeds found in Zimbabwe and their attributes
  • Choose the appropriate breeds for their goat farming businesses


  • The vast majority of goats in Zimbabwe are indigenous and these are mainly the large Matebele and the Small East African (SEA) goat
  • Average birth weights of kids range from 1.5kg to 2.5kg. (up to 3kg)
  • The indigenous breeds are well adapted to their respective environments.
In the southern parts of Zimbabwe, there are larger goats, which are termed the Matebele goat with a mature weight of 45kg.   

Other breeds found in Zimbabwe include exotic types, the Boer goat (mainly for meat) with a mature weight of 65kg. The Saanen goat is for milk production and produces an average of 3.5litres of milk per day. There is also the Angora goat for mohair production.

Boer goat                                                                                 Saanen